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Jeanne Beck Gallery will now display art in Dalai Java Café, its downstairs neighbor. The coffee shop patrons will get to enjoy rotating displays of art each month and the gallery will get street level exposure that will hopefully draw new people up to visit.

Liquid Color guest artist Carey Corea's work at Dalai Java Cafe
Works by Carey Corea. Carey and Connie Ehindero are guest artists. Their exhibition, Liquid Color: Painting with Wax. runs through April 28th. Walk to the back of the shop to the hallway, turn right and go up the stairs to see all the paintings in this wonderful exhibition. .

An interior view of Dalai Java coffee shop in downtown Canandaigua, where I get coffee every day! It was one of the reasons I rented my space upstairs - who wouldn't want to be right above a coffee shop?!

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I call Monday my rest day, but for me that just means I don't paint. Instead I read about art, work on the computer, do laundry and catch up on emails and social media posts - and sometimes experiment with new recipes.Today I made a Finnish salmon soup called Lohikeitto that we fell in love with on a chilly day in Finland last year. Delicious.

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Updated: Apr 1, 2018

Today I started a new work. This will be my largest to date, 60" x 40". It's two 30" x 40" cradled panels, side by side, bolted together and mounted onto screws sunk into a 4 foot by 8 foot, double-panel display wall. When the painting needs to travel or get shipped, it can be unbolted. Plus I can still pick it up and move it around when I want to paint on the floor or table. If this works out, the freestanding wall will do double-duty as an easel for large paintings in addition to being an extra display wall.

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