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This is a new series of large acrylic and oil paintings based on an idea of creative energy taking form. They develop and evolve through adding and masking multiple layers of gestural marks and shapes. This process adds depth and dimensionality. As the paintings evolve, additions or subtractions become more thoughtful and intentional. However, at any point inspiration for a whole new direction may emerge and a major change may happen. It is exciting and humbling to be learning to listen to that inner guidance and direction. 

Altered Books

Winter Solstice 2022

Altered children's hard panel book

   I planted an amaryllis bulb in October to keep my spirits up through the dark days of November and December. As I looked at it, the ridges on the bulb began to fascinate me. I took numerous photos of it from all directions, then cropped and edited them in Photoshop. I printed out copies, cut and collaged them and then over-painted them. I also took some photos of the dying crab apples outside.

It was an amazing process. Each day of the 12 days before Winter Solstice, I worked on a single page or two-page spread. I worked with these limited images and let my mind wonder and play with ideas, then committed to gluing and over-painting. I didn't worry about finishing a page a day, sometimes worked on two at a time, sometimes went back to an earlier one and added or removed something more. The process felt free, relaxed, focused.

I hope to do another one for the Spring Equinox.

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