This is a new series of large acrylic and oil paintings based on an idea of creative energy taking form. They develop and evolve through adding and masking multiple layers of gestural marks and shapes. This process adds depth and dimensionality. As the paintings evolve, additions or subtractions become more thoughtful and intentional. However, at any point inspiration for a whole new direction may emerge and a major change may happen. It is exciting and humbling to be learning to listen to that inner guidance and direction. 

Energy Taking Form 2
Energy Taking Form
Letting Go



These new paintings are about creative energy and the multitude of ways it can take form through the creative process. As I build layers of lines, shapes, textures and colors, I start with spontaneous play, then work intuitively to push back or add new layers. I take time to reflect and analyze what is happening, then move deeply back into the work to keep refining and revising until it feels alive, energetic and unified. 

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