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After two days of revision, this newest work, 36" h x 24" w., called "Gestation," is complete. I changed it a lot yesterday and today. It's quieter than it started; took a lot of editing to get there. Now it can dry thoroughly, get varnished and photographed. Finished. Good feeling.

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for two more days so officially this country is still honoring women's history. I wanted to read a few biographies of women artists in honor of the month and stumbled onto this one - and it's wry, witty and full of fascinating women artists fromArtemisia Gentileschi in 16th century Holland to 20th/ 21st century artists like Alice Neel, Lee Krasner, Ruth Asawa and Kara Walker.

No surprises here if you are a woman and an artist, but it is worth reading.

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This piece seemed finished by the end of my work week last Saturday. I just wanted to change a few small things, very minor. Then I came back to work today after three days away from painting and suddenly I wanted to edit it back. Of course, once you change one part of a painting, it impacts the rest. The lower left now feels too active because I knocked back the activity of the upper right.

I often experiment with possible solutions in Photoshop before I change the actual surface with paint - it lets me see more options. Since I'm committed to sharing my process, here is where the painting is now (totally unedited end of the day phone pic) and one of the Photoshop versions for possible changes tomorrow.

The piece is currently looking like a chrysalis to me. Something is growing inside that swelling shape.

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