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The More, the Merrier

To make room for this month's two new guest artists, Greg Pavlic and Jeananne Ralston, as well as Golden Palette Art Trail's featured artist, Scott Grove, I reset the whole space.

There's definitely variety and something to appeal to every taste and price range, whether you like Greg Pavlic's bold skies, Jeananne Ralston's atmospheric lake views or Scott Grove's unique contemporary furniture designs.

It's all working together - an eclectic array for sure with my nonobjective paintings in the mix - all ready for tomorrow afternoon's opening reception 4-7 PM. You'll have a great time seeing all these diverse works in one expansive space.

To introduce you to Greg and Jeananne, here is a little bit about them:

Skies, Oil paintings by Greg Pavlic, Waterloo 

Art and bass fishing are Greg's two greatest passions in life. He has been oil painting since he was in 8th grade. He has a BA in painting and a MA in art education from Montclair University, N.J.  Greg has been an avid bass fisherman since 1968. Retired since 2015, he competes in local, regional and state level tournaments. He is also an active member of Seneca County Arts Council in Seneca Falls.

Lake Lover, Acrylic paintings by Jeananne Cassarino Ralston, Canandaigua

​Using acrylic paint on canvas, Jeananne enjoys playing with hue, value and intensity in a somewhat improvisational manner. By showing her process with unrefined brushstrokes she evokes a memory or essence of a place. All of these paintings are from around Canandaigua lake. The results are “open field” paintings, some of which are very active and others unified and quiet. 

Jeananne is a Canandaigua native and lake lover. Her earliest memory of wanting to be an artist is from when her mother took her in hand to the Waterfront Art Festival. She studied with Fred Johnson at the Canandaigua Academy and has fond memories of designing silk screened posters for the music events. Jeananne earned a B.A. in 1985 with a double major in both music and art. She is presently teaching piano as an adjunct at FLCC and Hobart and William Smith colleges

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