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Yes or No to a Second Story Sign?

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

If you have visited my gallery, you already know I'm not a downtown storefront. My entrance is on the Mill Street rather than the Main Street side of the building and I'm on the second floor. I absolutely love my space and have not found anything nicer in all of downtown, so moving would be a tough, plus more expensive, choice.

The front of my building. The second story Mischief and Laughs sign is where my sign would go. My gallery is upstairs, directly above the engraving shop. I share a Mill St. entry with the coffee shop.

Many visitors have suggested I put a sign on the front of the building. I wasn't sure it would help.

Now, however, my neighbor Cara, who runs a photography studio in the 1,000 square foot space next door to mine (interested? it will be available and would be another great studio space), will be relocating with her family to Cincinnatti, Ohio at the end of the summer. She won't be needing her signs or the hanger when she moves and would be happy to sell it to me. I am looking into the costs of recovering her circular sign or replacing it. Then I will have a sign for the gallery on Main Street. But will it make a difference?

I just purchased a sandwich board to set outside on Main Street when I'm open for people walking on the street to see. Today is the first day it's been out so I don't know if having it there will attract more people to visit.

Here's what I'm trying to determine. Will having a sign on the second story of the building increase traffic? Is it money well spent or would I do better to spend that money on advertising?

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I rescind my earlier vote after you told me the quotes for new signs you had gotten. Holy moly! Having customers come through the coffee shop to take time browsing your gallery, coffee in hand, sounds so much nicer anyway. Sounds like a win for all concerned, Jeanne!


Since this post is now over a year old - what did you decide? I would vote to have a sign on Main Street because it's cool and lends credibility (which you already have in spades!). So that's ego talking. Practically speaking, putting that money into advertising makes more sense.

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